Now, on to the next phase

Met again with Dr. Q today, and he mapped out the whole post-surgery part of the treatment. Surprisingly, it is almost exactly what I expected, based on my reading on the web.

Over the next three weeks or so, I won’t be doing anything special. I’ll be taking Cytomel, which is a slightly different hormone-replacement drug than the one I have been on since my surgery (Synthroid), and calcium. I am anticipating feeling pretty normal throughout this period. I have been feeling pretty normal on the Synthroid so far, which was encouraging to me, but Dr. Q said I’m still going off the remnants of my thyroid (ghost thyroid!), so I can’t really judge yet how I’ll feel on the fake stuff.

About three weeks from now I’m going to make two big changes that will make me a little grumpy. First, I’m going to be off the all the hormones. With no real thyroid and no fake thyroid hormones, I’ll probably go kinda hypo. (Hypothyroidism is the condition in which you are deficient in thyroid hormones.) I am guessing I’ll be pretty fatigued and possibly moody and maybe some other stuff. Adding to my unhappiness is that I’ll be on a low-iodine diet, which means pretty much just fruits and vegetables and small amounts of meat. I just realized alcohol is fine, though, so maybe I should just drink all day long.

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