Scan: Everything looking good

I waited a few days to update because I wanted to hear from my endo. It’s all been a little confusing, but I think I’ve got it now. The bottom line is everything is still going as well as could be expected, even though I expected a little more.

See, I didnt know what to expect, which is partly my doctor’s fault and partly my fault for assuming things instead of asking.

Here’s what happened. Two days ago I went back to the hospital for my WBS (whole body scan). I had assumed the purpose of that was to see if the RAI had worked. I had assumed that if the RAI zapped all the remaining thyroid tissue (and therefore thyroid cancer) that I’d get a big thumbs up and they say: “You’re cured!” (Maybe not “cured” but at least “We can’t see any more to treat. So now we’ll just monitor you indefinitely.”)

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RAI, Day 5: Turned the corner

Today — I waited till the end of the day to update — was a better day. Sort of. The nausea was better. The icky taste in my mouth was less. I actually ate what I wanted to eat (chocolate cheerios for breakfast and a shrimp burrito for lunch) even though I couldn’t really enjoy them as much as I would under normal circumstances.

Mostly now I’m just getting stir crazy. For some reason I didn’t think I’d mind just chillin in bed for a few days because I’d be able to relax, read, watch TV, and not have to worry about anything else. That was true for about a day and a half. Then I was feeling kinda sick. And now I’m just feeling like I’m ready to get the hell out of here. I don’t know if this room really smells funny or if my senses are just a little haywire. I’ve washed the sheets and opened the window and turned on the ceiling fan and sprayed Lysol. This room is still just … stale. Literally and figuratively.

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RAI, Day 4: Yuck

I should maybe wait a little later in the day to judge how I’m feeling. Right now it’s not good. Of course, it’s only 8:52 am. I just woke up and took my Synthroid (Levothyroxin, to be precise) so maybe that’ll help me feel better. Maybe what I felt yesterday was not the RAI, but just the hypo catching up to me. After all, I hadn’t had any thyroid meds in 17 days.

Anyway, right now I have an icky taste in my mouth, which I’m sure is the RAI. No pain, though, so hopefully this will just go away over the next few days. I have a little chill, too and I also feel pretty fatigued and a little nauseous. Those could be hormones or RAI.

Today I finally get to go off the LID, but I am not really interested in eating anything. Maybe this is where I’ll lose those pounds I was expecting to lose on the LID.

RAI, Day 3: a little worse

I guess I was asking for this with my comments yesterday. I’m not feeling quite so chipper any more. It’s not too bad, but I do have some very mild nausea. Yesterday I also felt a little soreness in my salivary glands. I dunno. Maybe it’s just the power of suggestion, since I had been reading so much about people’s problems with that. I have switched today from candy to lemon. The lemon is a little icky, but I think I was going to go into a sugar coma from all those hard candies. My plan is to squeeze a lemon slice into a cup of water, drink the water, then suck on the remnants of the lemon for a while.

RAI, Day 2: A little about my cell

It’s been about 21 hours that I’ve been quarantined in our guest room, and so far it’s gone pretty well. I still feel totally normal, and I’ve got so much to entertain myself that I don’t even know what to do first. Thanks to the app on my iPad and the TV, I have access to every single baseball game. It’s like my little version of the MLB Fan Cave. With so much live baseball at my disposal, I’m not sure how much of my timeless entertainment (movies, books, magazines) that I’ll even get to. I sort of feel guilty that this is going so well. My poor wife, who just had knee surgery and an eye virus, is dealing with the whole house and the kids and I’m sitting up here chillaxin. I am having cancer treatment, so I feel like I should at least pretend I’m a little miserable, so she can feel sorry for me.

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RAI: I’m glowing (not really)

Like Wilbur the Pig, I’m officially “radiant.”

I took my I-131 pill about 90 minutes ago, and so far I feel absolutely nothing. No nausea. Nothing. I’m back at home and sitting in my “cell” (more on that in the coming days) and blogging.

Yesterday we went to the hospital, which is about 20-25 minutes away, and we checked in and got the tracer dose. There were no ill-affects of that either. Pretty straightforward and simple. Today we went back and they did the scan right when we arrived at 9. First they put a camera-type thing (similar to an X-ray) up to my neck and up to my leg. The leg was to be a comparison, because, it’s about the same width as my neck. Then they put me in a machine that was like an MRI, but not exactly. I had to lay very still for what seemed like 20-30 minutes. It wasn’t too bad. The panel was about 3 inches in front of my face at the beginning, but I just closed my eyes. Within about 10 minutes, it had moved down to my chest, so it was OK.

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The RAI safety game-plan

What follows is the RAI plan I devised a few days ago. I posted it on the thyca message board for one of their resident experts to peruse, and he said it was, as I suspected, more conservative than necessary. I may tweak it a little. For example, I have been told directly by the tech at the nuclear medicine department where I’m going that the tracer dose is so small I don’t need to take any precautions. Other things may be adjusted. We’ll see.

Anyway, here’s the plan as of now:
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