I’m cured! Well, cured-ish

First, sorry I’ve been negligent in updating this lately. The first time I went through all this I didn’t have a job, so I had a lot more free time to update the blog with every thought and every morsel I ate on the LID.

But enough of that, there’s news today.

I had my WBS (whole body scan) this morning. When it was over, the doctor didn’t even talk to me. The tech just came out and said…

“The doctor said we’re not treating you. There’s nothing to treat.”

Well, isn’t that kinda awesome? I actually started to cry, which I did not expect at all. Because all my blood work had been clear along the way, I was pretty sure the scan would be clear. I had been very nonchalant about the whole process. However, apparently there was a lot more doubt in my head than I’d been acknowledging, because when I got the official news, there was a big release.

Now, it’s not totally over. Hence, cured-ish. I have a blood test on Monday that should show any trace amounts of bad stuff that didn’t light up the scan. But I’m expecting that to be a formality (knock knock), especially since all my bloodwork has been fine so far.

Now, let’s go back to some things that I skipped over in the past couple weeks.

As for the diet, it was only 10 days instead of 18. But it was worse than the last time in some ways, because now I’m working and we didn’t have time to plan as many good low-iodine meals. So basically I had my egg-white omelet and fruit every day for breakfast (just like last time) and at either lunch or dinner I had a PBJ and fruit, nuts, carrots, etc. (Actually we used almond butter because we couldn’t find unsalted peanut butter.) That got prettttttty old, let me tell ya.

For the other meals I had a few turkey burgers, which were good. I’d throw some avocado on there. Tasty. I also had a few salads. Some chicken breast. My wife made the veggie chili from the LID cookbook. It’s very good. Throw some matzo in there for crackers.

Overall, the diet was kinda rough, but I managed.

Oh, I also lost 7 pounds, probably because I had just gained about 5 pounds from pigging out in the two weeks prior. I didn’t lose any weight the first time, which I think is because I had no hormones then. This time I was able to stay on my Synthroid.

I had a cookie moments after I got back to my office from from the hospital. (Why am I not taking today off? Good question.) And this afternoon my wife and kids are meeting me at our favorite burger restaurant for lunch.

I’ve actually been feeling a little nauseous for the past two days. They said the thyrogen shot could be a cause. It may also be from the tracer pill. Or could just be nerves. Or a combination. Anyway, it’s not so bad that I had to throw up or couldn’t eat. And I’m hoping to feel much better soon.

So the next thing is my blood test, and then I’ll meet Dr. Q and he’ll give me the rundown on the future. I assume I just get checked once a year or every six months. I also assume those are all blood tests, and I don’t have to do the scan again, but I’m not sure. (The scan is not hard. It’s just the diet for two weeks prior that’s a pain.)

That’s all for now.

Toast to me!

3 Comments on “I’m cured! Well, cured-ish”

  1. Ihab Awad says:

    Congratulations! I hope you savored that sweet, juicy, delicious post-LID burger! 😉

  2. Michelle says:

    Hi my name is Michelle from NJ.I just beginning my thyca journey,had a partial thyroidectomy and now going for the total next week.I have follicular and papillary cancers.
    I wanted to thank you for sharing your story.Hearing the positive stories really helps.

    My first surgery went so well,I have never felt better.Its so hard to believe I have cancer????Go figure.Im married and have ^ kids and my hubby works over two hours from home and only comes home on weekends.

    My biggest issues are who will care for my kids during my hypo and RAI periods??? I am having surgery on MON and am trying to postpone my RAI until winter when my husbands business is almost non existent.

    I am not afraid of the surgery or treatment,thanks to people like you,who share positive stories.Thanks so much and keep on staying positive!!!

  3. Meri Ratzel says:

    I’m not sure where I am with the thyroid thing — I went to the doctor and had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism two years ago; I tried to improve that with diet, not levo. But I’ve been tired, have had some hair loss and gained about 15 lbs in two years. Am wondering if your experience is drastically diff than a woman’s? So I had the THS, T3 and T4 done and the THS (brain thingy) is making more, but the T3 and 4 are normal…..so I’ve been referred to an endocrinoogist. My sister was diagnosed with a nodule after an ultrasound, and they never did a biopsy…they just told her to have the ultrasound every two years. Huh? not sure what next steps are, but glad for your blog, I tried message boards (just read through) and don’t feel comfortable looking at mine, through theirs. But found a lot of med sites saying some thyroids they don’t treat at all???? why or how come?

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