I’m back for more

It’s been a long time since I posted anything. That’s a good thing. It means my cancer has been a non-issue in my life for months. I’ve felt totally fine. No problem with the meds. Nothing. Just taking my pills every day and leading my life.

But now we’re about to go into The Big Scan, which will be reassuring to me and my wife that everything is still okey dokey. Prior to that I’ll be going back on the LID, so that’s kind of a pain.

Before we get to that, let’s go back a bit. A funny thing happened to me that I want to share.

In May, Dr. Q (my endo) had me do some bloodwork in preparation for the scan. When he looked at the results, he was shocked. My levels were way off. I was very hypo. He couldn’t believe it. He asked if I was fatigued. I said no. I felt fine. He asked if I’d stopped taking my medication. Nope. He asked if I’d missed some days. Nope.

He was very very puzzled. So he had me wait a week and take the test again.

This time everything was normal. So he had me wait a month and take the test again. This time everything was normal.

He still couldn’t figure out what went wrong with the one test. Then, it hit him, when he looked closely at the lab results.

He was looking at results from 2011, not 2012. The results he was looking at were from right before I had my RAI, a year earlier! Ooops. Once he realized what happened, everything made sense. I was fine all along. I just wasted a month before finally getting the stupid scan that my wife and I had been waiting for.

So now, finally, we’re going to have it. Technically, me. It’s going to be a big event in our house because my wife has always been much more stressed about this whole cancer thing than me. Maybe that’s because she has never been inside me to know just how good I’ve felt the whole time. I never felt sick once. Not one day. I was a little nauseous for about a half day during the RAI, but that’s it.

And my blood work showed just about zero on the tumor marker, according to Dr. Q. I don’t know all the medical terminology, but I know that zero and tumor are words I like to hear together.

So that’s why I’m not too worried about this scan. In fact, I’m already thinking of how I’m going to celebrate after it comes back clean. (Vegas!)

The scan will be July 27. I’ll get my thyrogen injections on July 25 and 26. In the meantime, I start the LID diet tomorrow, July 16. My wife has already prepared a whole bunch of fruits and vegetables for me. She made me bread too.

I’ll be keeping a record of everything I eat on my LID log. When I kept it the first time, I figured it was just for you readers out there, but it turned out to be handy for me now that I have to do it again.

Wish me luck!

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