Checking in … still all good

It’s been so long I almost forgot I had this blog. That’s good.

Had an apppointment with Dr. Q a few days ago. He said my bloodwork was normal, so my current dose of thyroid meds is right. However, my wife said I had been smelling a little weird since going on my thyroid meds after my RAI. I couldn’t really smell it. I hadn’t noticed anyone else having a strange reaction to me (maybe they were just being polite). I mentioned it to Dr. Q, and he said he’d never heard that one before (but Google has). But, just in case it did have something to do with the meds, he switched me from Levothyroxin (the generic) to Synthroid. It’s been a few days on Synthroid, and my wife says it’s better.

Next up for me is an ultrasound in November. Hopefully that comes up clean.

It’s been four months since my surgery, and I feel pretty much exactly the same as I did before this all started. I’ve gained a little weight, but unfortunately I can’t attribute that to my hormones. Dr. Q said my levels are a touch high, if anything, so I shouldn’t be gaining weight. I guess I’m just being lazy and eating too much. I think I ate poorly before my LID, figuring I’d just lose a bunch of weight during the two weeks on the diet, and then I ate poorly after the LID, because I was so happy to be able to eat regularly again. That was 10 weeks ago. Well, if my biggest problem is that I’m too fat, rather than having cancer, then that’s a good thing.

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    I have a question about your blog. Please email me!

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