The final stage is about to begin

I titled this blog Beating Thyroid Cancer, and so far I am crushing it. I’m not actually doing anything, but I’ve been feeling great, so it’s not doing anything to me. And if any of that nasty stuff is even left inside of me, it’s about to get obliterated. Ablated, to use the proper term.

I feel like it’s the bottom of the ninth inning, and I’ve just got to get through one last bit of business before this game is over. And the business shouldn’t even a big deal. Should be routine. Like a six-run lead with Mariano Rivera on the mound.

Here’s the situation: Tomorrow I will go to the hospital to get my tracer dose of RAI. I’m told it’s so small that I won’t feel anything and I won’t be a danger to anyone else, so I can continue to be around people like normal. Just in case, I’m getting my quarantine room all ready.

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