RAI, Day 4: Yuck

I should maybe wait a little later in the day to judge how I’m feeling. Right now it’s not good. Of course, it’s only 8:52 am. I just woke up and took my Synthroid (Levothyroxin, to be precise) so maybe that’ll help me feel better. Maybe what I felt yesterday was not the RAI, but just the hypo catching up to me. After all, I hadn’t had any thyroid meds in 17 days.

Anyway, right now I have an icky taste in my mouth, which I’m sure is the RAI. No pain, though, so hopefully this will just go away over the next few days. I have a little chill, too and I also feel pretty fatigued and a little nauseous. Those could be hormones or RAI.

Today I finally get to go off the LID, but I am not really interested in eating anything. Maybe this is where I’ll lose those pounds I was expecting to lose on the LID.

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