RAI, Day 2: A little about my cell

It’s been about 21 hours that I’ve been quarantined in our guest room, and so far it’s gone pretty well. I still feel totally normal, and I’ve got so much to entertain myself that I don’t even know what to do first. Thanks to the MLB.tv app on my iPad and the TV, I have access to every single baseball game. It’s like my little version of the MLB Fan Cave. With so much live baseball at my disposal, I’m not sure how much of my timeless entertainment (movies, books, magazines) that I’ll even get to. I sort of feel guilty that this is going so well. My poor wife, who just had knee surgery and an eye virus, is dealing with the whole house and the kids and I’m sitting up here chillaxin. I am having cancer treatment, so I feel like I should at least pretend I’m a little miserable, so she can feel sorry for me.

Anyway, here are some pictures from my “cell.”


The door makes it pretty clear that no one else can come in, and so far we haven’t had an issue. I think my kids are old enough — 11 and 8 — that they won’t rush in accidentally to give me a hug. They did leave me a whole nightstand full of little notes, with specific instructions not to open them all at once.


Anyway, back to my treatment. Like I said, all has gone well so far. In fact, this entire process so far has been just about as close to textbook as possible. I don’t have anything else to compare to other than what I read, but just about every experience I’ve had has been better than what I expected. I guess people without complications or issues don’t write about them on the internet. Except me.

Since I’ve been home, I’ve gone through a whole 3-liter jug of water and made about a dozen trips to the bathroom. That’s by design. Last thing I want is a bunch of radioactive urine pooling in my bladder, so I set my alarm to remind me frequently to empty it. Even overnight I set it to wake me up every 2 hours. I think tonight I just may plan to wake up once, and then no more after that, since my urine won’t be nearly as radioactive after that.

Later today I’ll start my candy regimen, to prevent any salivary gland issues. I’ve got a drawer full of Jolly Ranchers and Life Saver candies. Dr. E said that sour candies or lemon works better, because I guess it stimulates more saliva. Hopefully this will work.

I’m now into my third week with no thyroid hormones, and I haven’t really felt hypo. I have felt a little fatigued at times over the past few days, but not so much that I can’t be sure it’s because of the hormone situation.

Today is Wednesday, and I’ve got just five meals left on my LID. Woo hoo. On Friday morning I’ll be able to eat my normal crappy diet. I’m already thinking of what I’ll have my wife get me on Friday. I’m thinking shrimp burrito right now. As for the LID, I think we endured it pretty successfully. I am a little shocked that I didn’t lose any weight on that diet. I actually gained one pound, at last check. Even without a thyroid, I had assumed that simply eliminating dairy and cutting way back on carbs would cause me to lose a lot of weight. I actually ate a lot of junk right before the LID started because I assumed that I’d just lose weight. Oh well.

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