The RAI safety game-plan

What follows is the RAI plan I devised a few days ago. I posted it on the thyca message board for one of their resident experts to peruse, and he said it was, as I suspected, more conservative than necessary. I may tweak it a little. For example, I have been told directly by the tech at the nuclear medicine department where I’m going that the tracer dose is so small I don’t need to take any precautions. Other things may be adjusted. We’ll see.

Anyway, here’s the plan as of now:

For simplicity, I’m going to do the same things the entire time of my
quarantine, rather than adjusting throughout. I’ll just avoid anyone being in
the same room with me for the entire time. I’ll also start after I get the
tracer dose, even though I don’t think it’s necessary.

I’ll be staying in a guest room with a guest bathroom. No one else will go in
either room. I’ll put signs on the doors to remind my kids (ages 11 and 8).
Their bedrooms are near the guest room. They have their own bathroom.

Bathroom: Sit to urinate. Flush twice. Wash sink and toilet surfaces thoroughly
with hot water at the end of the quarantine. Wash shower mat thoroughly with hot
water and then discard it. Remove rugs from bathroom. Wash towels separately
with sheets and clothes, separate from the rest of my family’s stuff.

Bedding: Wash and discard after quarantine. (Probably unnecessary to discard,
but they need to be replaced anyway.)

Clothing: Keep dirty clothes in a bag in my room, for separate washing. Possibly
discard some of the rattiest stuff, after washing it.

Food: I won’t prepare anything myself. My dutiful wife will bring food to me and
leave it by the door — maybe in a dog bowl with my name on it 🙂 I’ll use
plastic, non-absorbent disposable dishes and utensils. I’ll give them a rinse in
hot water in the bathroom sink after use, then discard in a double-bag trash can
in my room.

Electronics: I’ll be mindful of whether my hands are sweaty (they shouldn’t be)
and where I cough or sneeze, but otherwise I’ll take no precautions other than
wiping them off regularly with a baby wipe, which I’ll then flush.

Books, magazines, paper products: discard in my trash can, rather than recycle.

Doorknobs, light switches, nightstand, etc.: wipe regularly with baby wipe. (I
am choosing baby wipes, rather than other stronger cleaners, because I want them
to be flushable and not have a lot of chemicals, since all I really need is the

So that’s that. As I said, it’s probably too much, but it seems to be a very
safe approach that is do-able.

The resident radiation expert on the message board asked about the kids rooms and how far they would be from me while we slept. I did some measuring and the closest we’d be while sleeping at night is just under 25 feet, thyroid to thyroid. I asked the NM tech and she said that was fine. She said it would only be an issue if a child was sleeping just on the other side of the wall from me. They’d be a little closer to me on the other side of the room, in their playroom, but since I’m taking their cable box, they won’t want to spend much time in there either. They have laptops in there, but I’ll just have them use those elsewhere for the first few days, at least.

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