RAI is scheduled: May 3

It took longer than I would have liked to get my RAI on the calendar, because of some scheduling issues at the Nuclear Medicine Department — Nuclear Medicine … sounds cool — but finally I know what’s happening when.

On May 2, I will go in to have a tracer dose of the radioactive iodine. That’ll be used for a scan the next day, so they’ll look for something and determine what dosage I need of the real thing. I assume they see how much of my old thyroid gland is still in there. So on May 3, they’ll give me that pill, and then I’ll go home and begin my quarantine, which will last a week to 10 days.

I’m actually sort of looking forward to it. As I understand it, the only side-effects that I may feel are a little nausea or possibly a dry mouth. But it’s possible I won’t have any of that. I could feel perfectly normal the whole time. I’ll just be hanging out in our guest room watching baseball, watching movies, reading, playing online poker. (My iPad is scheduled to arrive April 30!) I’ll still be able to see my family and talk to them, as long as they stay in the doorway and don’t come in. But I won’t have to get anyone ready for school or empty the diswasher or take out the trash or do anything.

I’m just gonna sit and glow.

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Two weeks post surgery — check out my cool scar

Not much has happened since my last post, a week ago. That’s a good thing. I still feel totally normal, which is great. No issues at all with the hormones. Calcium is still normal, so I’ll be off that totally in another week.

I got all the bandages off my incision, and I actually think it looks pretty decent, for being just two weeks old.

One of my friends just saw me the other day and she said: “It looks like someone tried to kill you!” I was all happy that it didn’t look as bad as I thought. I don’t know what she was expecting, after just two weeks. Anyway, saw Dr. W today and he told me it looked good, and in a month I may not be able to see anything at all.

He did the cutting in a good place, too. The incision is just under the neckline of a T-shirt, so you can’t even see it unless I’m wearing a collared shirt with the top button undone and no T-shirt underneath.

Not much else going on, to be honest. I’m still waiting to hear the exact date that I’ll be starting my RAI treatment. Once I have that, I’ll be able to count backwards two weeks to see when I’m starting my low-iodine diet.

Stay tuned.