The driving dilemma

I’ve been feeling pretty good so far (now on Day 9 without my hormones) so I’ve been doing everything as I would normally. Business as usual. However, the more I read on the message boards, I’ve become convinced that I should not be driving, so I won’t.

Fact is: I am hypothyroid, even I don’t feel hypothyroid. Stuff is happening to me that I’m not even aware of. One of those things is that my reaction time is slowing down. At least, that’s what I read. Seems fine to me. But I have read enough stories on the thyroid cancer message board of people who also felt perfectly normal, then one day they were driving and realized that there was this strange gap between the moment they recognized the red light and the moment their foot hit the brake.

I’d rather that not be me, thank you very much, so I’m putting away the keys.

I have no idea whether it’s an overreaction. My doctor didn’t mention anything to me about not driving. Then again, a lot of the message board people said: “My doctor didn’t say anything either, then I parked on my lawn.” Some said: “No one said anything, and then after I had an accident, my doctor said ‘oh, you probably shouldn’t have been driving.'” At least a few of these “message board people” are medical professionals, so I put some weight on their opinion.

In all likelihood, nothing bad would happen if i did keep driving. I venture a guess that the vast majority of drunk drivers get away with it. If your chances of having an accident in a routine 10-mile drive are 1 in 1000, and being impaired increased your accident rate by 1,000 percent, then you’re still going to get away with it 99 times out of 100.

That doesn’t mean it was the right decision. Just means that you played the odds and won.

I don’t feel like gambling right now. I’ve already got cancer. I don’t need any other problems.

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