LID-lifter: The diet is underway

I’ve finished Day 1 of the low-iodine diet, and I survived. Wasn’t even that terrible. Sure, there’s a lot of labor involved and it’s a little pricey to get all this natural food but I think it’ll be OK.

I was planning to put all of what I ate in the blog, as a service to other thyroid cancer patients, but I decided instead to just keep it all on a separate page: Jeff’s LID log. Catchy name, huh? It’s linked at the right, so you can always come back and find it.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep the blog focused on some general LID-related issues, as well as how I’m doing sans-hormones.

Unfortunately, my endo wants me to stick to the 4 servings a day of grains prescribed here, even though one of my helpful friends on the Thyca message board told me the 4-grains thing is not really necessary. That limit is going to make this tough. For example, I probably won’t want to blow one of my grains on toast in the morning, so I think I’ll just eat my egg-white scramble and fruit every morning. I also just made these awesome (well, passable) chocolate chip cookies, and now I have to use up one of my four grains whenever I have one. Oh well.

I did discover that hemp milk is acceptable on the diet. I’m not planning on drinking it, but it could be helpful in recipes as a milk-replacement. I’ll let you know if there are any other, uh,  side effects.

Yesterday we bought a bunch of turkey at Trader Joe’s. We got a boneless breast, which we’ll cook up and then slice for a few days’ worth of sandwiches, and some ground turkey, which we will use for meatballs and burger patties that can go in the freezer. Those two things cost … 50 bucks! Why is it that food is more expensive the less it’s processed?

I also weighed myself yesterday morning, before starting. I weighed 192 pounds, which is four pounds less than I did the day of my surgery. I assume I’ll lose at least seven or eight pounds in three weeks on this diet, although the lack of any hormones may complicate that.

As for the hormone thing, it’s now been almost 36 hours since I’ve taken any synthetic hormones, and so far I feel exactly the same. I wouldn’t expect any change yet. I’ve already figured out I can use this hormone thing as an excuse with my wife over the next two weeks. Yesterday I said: “Give me a break. I’m getting my period!”

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