Final prep for LID

Tomorrow I start my low-iodine diet. This weekend my wife and I sat down with the low-iodine cookbook and planned out my whole week of meals. It was quite a project. I think we’ll be able to find enough decent food for me to eat without going crazy, but it’s going to require a lot of planning, prep and cooking.

You know why people eat all that processed, unhealty stuff? Because cooking is a pain in the butt.

But we’re going to do it together and hopefully it won’t be too tough.

Today I did Phase One of the grocery shopping, at Safeway. Later we’re going to Trader Joe’s and then tomorrow Whole Foods and the butcher shop. (I didn’t even know there were still such places. There aren’t many. The one we’re going to is 20 minutes away.)

I’ll be posting here what I’m eating, so others who are about to go through all this can get some ideas.

I’ll also be stopping my Cytomel tomorrow, so I’ll be hormone-free for the first time ever. We’ll see how that goes. I’m thinking I won’t feel anything. Power of positive thinking.

Also starting to plan for my RAI. I got a new wedge pillow for the hours I’ll spend in bed reading and watching TV. One of my quarantine activities just got eliminated, though. Online poker for US citizens is no more, thanks to the FBI.

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