I’m bored

Biggest problem I’m having now is it’s uncomfortable to move around too much because of the various equipment attached to me, but just laying around is rough too. Hard to find just the right way to lay or sit without getting stiff. I did manage to sleep pretty well last night, which was a welcome surprise. Hopefully I can get the pillows just so again tonight.

By tomorrow that’ll be over. I’ll get all this stuff off me and I’ll be able to move freely. My throat isn’t as sore as I thought it would be. I do have a feeling like there’s something stuck in my throat, which I understand is a common thing after this surgery. Guess it’s from the tube they put in there during the surgery.

I should be eating normally in a few days. I’ve got to eat while I can, because I’m anticipating at least a couple weeks of a low-iodine diet before my radiation treatment. (No processed foods. No sugar. No dairy. No fish or seafood. Pretty much just plain fruits and vegetables and small servings of plain meat.) I think that’s about 3 weeks away.

I’m also bored. Fortunately I’ve got the MLB network. I watched the Pirates preview three times already. I’m also catching up on The Wire, and I’ve got a few movies to watch.

I’ll be getting my iPad before starting the radiation quarantine.

A shout out to my wife, who is doing a great job handling the kids and keeping track of all my meds.

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