I’m home

Finally back home. In some ways I’m better than I expected, and in one way, I’m worse.

As for the surgery itself, I’m pretty good. I can move my neck more than I thought. It’s a little stiff, but not horrible. I’ve heard that you aren’t supposed to drive for up to a week after surgery because you can’t turn your neck, but it seems like mine will be OK in a few days. The little drain is still in there, though, which I wasn’t expecting. Looks like I have to keep it in till my follow-up appointment on Thursday. My throat is sore, but I can swallow OK. Today I’ve had applesauce and soup, but I’m guessing I’ll be good to eat anything in a few days.

I’m also starting my regimen of medicines. I’m going to be on Synthroid,  a synthetic hormone that will replace what my now departed thyroid was doing. As I understand it, there is often some trial and error in determining the right dosage. I’m not sure what happens if the dosage is wrong, but I believe I’ll probably be moody or depressed, maybe fatigued. I may also gain some weight if my metabolism is screwed up. Or, none of that may happen. Guess we’ll find out together. I’m also on calcium tablets four times a day. I think that’s just temporary.

Now, on to my biggest problem. The anesthesia apparently did such a good job of putting my senses to sleep that my bladder still hadn’t woken up almost 24 hours later. I tried and tried and tried to pee at the hospital, but it didn’t happen. Very frustrating. So, they sent me home with some, uh, equipment (don’t click the link if you don’t want to know).

So that’s it. I’m OK. I figure by Friday I should be feeling pretty good. I may even be able to go to my son’s baseball game this weekend. I’ve also been invited to a poker tournament on Saturday night, and I haven’t ruled that out entirely. We’ll see.

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